The Sundog | Bent Apple Tapered Stem Rainbow Wood Pipe | 6”

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The Sundog, a Bent Apple Tapered Stem Pipe, measures 6 inches long and is made from beautiful rainbow-finished cherry wood.

In ancient times, humans would look at the sky and wonder about the mysteries of the sun. Sundogs appear when the sun is near the horizon and light is refracted through the moisture in the air. However, before modern science, our forebears would wonder at the cause of these “mock suns” and take them as a celestial omen.

Defy nature and rise with The Sundog each day like a divine being. Made from quality cherry wood, this bent apple style pipe features a rainbow finish and a bent tapered stem. Perfect for historians, meteorologists, and classic smokers.


• Length: 6 in (15 cm)

• Material: Rainbow-finished cherry wood with acrylic stem

• Pipe Style: Bent Apple

• Box Contents: Shire Pipe, display stand, carrying pouch, poking/tamping tool, bowl screens, and pipe cleaners

• Packaging: Classic Shire Pipes packaging

Mortise and tenon stem connection for non-singular styles

Every Shire Pipe comes with a removable charcoal filter

Use & Care

Follow these guidelines to get the most from your Shire Pipe.

Pack your chosen cut firmly, and aim for a moderate amount of airflow - not too tightly, not too losely. You can check this by taking a few test puffs before lighting.

Using a circular motion, carefully apply a flame over the entire surface of the material in the pipe bowl, drawing gently on the mouthpiece. Tamp down, and re-light.

Take your time. Puff gently - inhaling fully is not necessary.

Tap or gently scrape out the bowl immediately after use. Clean your pipe frequently for the best flavor experience.

Over time, a carbon deposit ("cake") will build up inside the bowl. Do not allow this layer to get thicker than 1/16" (2mm), as it could damage the bowl. Use the provided poker multi-tool to gently remove any excess carbon.

Use the included pipe cleaners to clear any build-up from the stem. Use isopropyl alcohol - not water - on a cotton swab to deal with particularly stubborn tar. Unless you are displaying it, store your pipe with the bowl facing down to allow any excess moisture to evaporate.


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